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Indiegogo campaign!

Hello all!

Don't know if anyone is still alive out there, but I thought I would post this over there!

I have an indiegogo campaign for a trek I am doing! For the 2014 centenary of World War One, I am planning to walk the entire western from Vandieres, France to Ostend, Belgium. For me, it is a pilgrimage. I know so much about World War One, and yet, I haven’t had the feeling of my boots on the ground. I want to see the land and have the earth under my feet. Have the enormity of a nearly unbroken line of Front stretching before me. I want to do this a s a tribute to all the men who died.
To Indiegogo to read more!

My blog, War Walks for Health! Check it out!

And here is my page on Facebook!

Yes... I'm going Friends only...

As per the sign, this journal is now Friends only. I'm not making anything to this point FO- It might give you an idea of who I am.

I have many interests and I'm not one to be pigeon holed. If you friend me- you friend me. It's pretty simple. I'm not going to curtail who I am to make you happy. That seems to happen a lot around this place.

I have many interests-

1. Nazis. I write about them professionally. They are on my journal. Sometimes I get a little silly about it. If I didn't get silly about it, my head would explode. If anything about this makes you uncomfortable, please leave.

2. I also write about war. I love war. War makes me money. I will probably talk about war on this journal. Don't ask me to talk about the Iraq war unless you want to have a legit discussion about it.

3. I am politically conservative, a monarchist and a capitalist. While I have many liberal friends- most of them, actually- I'm a Canadian Conservative. This is different from an American conserveative. In the American system, I would probably be considered a paleocon not a neocon.

If after reading these three points, you feel the need to ask me if I'm a Nazi, then you need to go get an education.

Other things you might find in this journal?

4. I occasionally get drunk and write long winded posts about how my life is sucking at the moment. It's Livejournal...! That's what it's here for!

5. Strange things from the popculture fashion world. Modern surrealism- That's all I can say!

6. I write about my writing and my life. I am a writer. I write about the process of writing. Shock horror!

If, forewarned as you are, you still wish to friend me? Then please comment. If you are some wank who is just trying to troll me, then bugger off.

Wafted by to grab some things...

And I tripped over this list...

abstaining from underage sex, alfred hitchcock's "family plot", allspice, anne sexton's grandfather, anti-child-pornography, aspic, aunts in coral necklaces, avoiding unclean perversions, baby carrots with cumin, baby cockroaches, baby grapefruits, baby pussycats, babyish peacocks, babylonian sexual habits, banning spanking in schools, behavioral child psychology, behavioral problems in preteens, bisexual young people, chamomile cocktails, childerditch, essex, children of undocumented immigrants, children's chorales, children's oral hygiene, circumcising a baby, circumventing grandfather clauses, cockamamie child protection measures, cockney kids, cocksure little girls, cocky young people, colicky baby, conspicuous consumption, coonhounds, corporal punishment in schools, craghead, cucumber-kidney salad, cum laude skidmore graduates, cumbersome school requirements, cumulative school exams, dadaist strippers, debating baby circumcision, debunking "family values" poppycock, delivering a baby vaginally, demoralizing school experiences, despicable acts, dick cheney's family, dick scobee school, dickinson college kids, ecumenical sisters, emily dickinson's mother, ending child prostitution, essex county family court, family documentaries, family grapevine, family oral traditions, family sextets, family-friendly flicks, fighting sexism through sisterhood, fighting white supremacy, firecrackers, flaunting my sexuality, garlicky crawdads, girlfags, gobbledegook, grandmothers in floral sweaters, guarding children's morals, haunted houses in cumberland, herbs and spices, heterosexual family values, homosexuality in trinidad, hospices, indo-aryan languages, jaunts to essex, jaunty cocker spaniels, kids drinking grape juice, kinky-haired aunts, maryanne, middlesex high school, momentous circumstances, moral mothers, moral virginity, morality in schools, morally correct fathering, mothers against circumcision, mothers with postdoctoral fellowships, my grandfather's cummerbund, no more genocide, nonsexist child-rearing, nonsexist schools, not circumcising little boys, not circumcising little girls, not fucking children, nutcrackers, opposing underage sex, oral chemotherapy, oral thermometers, pachinko, pacifist grandmothers, pasta e fagioli, pastoral childhoods, pedagogy, perspicacity, pornography resisters, preventing child molestation, pussyfooting around child protection, raccoons, reading dickens to children, sauntering around skyscrapers, school "vagina monologues" performances, school documents, school oral exams, schools in cumbria, schools using oral evaluations, scummy uncles, sex differences in children, sex education teachers, sexagenarian grandfathers, sexing baby chicks, sexless virgins, sextant-using grandmothers, sexy babysitters, sexy sorority sisters, skedaddling to cockfosters, slocum v. fairchild, sniggering, spice girls, spice racks, suspicions, taunting perverts, temporal logic schoolwork, the beanery cafe, the hancock family, the whore's child, tightfisted aunts, trannyfags, transsexual uncles, trapeze school, trapezoidal moments of inertia, twop, uncle fucka, unclear drapes, undaunted circumnavigation, undaunted cockfighting, unisex childrens' clothes, weatherstripping schoolhouses, windmill-cum-anemometers, young cockatiels, young doctoral students, young skinks, young's end, essex, your mom's parapet

All interests banned by Livejournal...
A new Nazisim community... But now I want to work on the NPCs and everything...so there could new posts from me...


What's wrong with this picture...

A posh food store in New York's Greenwich Village has found itself red faced after offering hams for sale with the slogan "Delicious for Hanukkah," the current Jewish religious holiday.


I made a Maozer Macro...

Beware... my next post will probably be meezerspam!


That's mommy's little furvert!

A pic I took...

I'm playing around with this aesthetic in my work. I'm liking it- but I'm curious for opinions.

It's getting that 'recoloured' BW from the past thing... I'm sort of digging it.

I might crop the modern cars from it tho...


Ok... So... I have a number of LJ friends- but I seem to be friended by a whole schwackload of people and I don't have the foggiest notion who you are. If you legitimately want to be my friend, we can chat about it, but I'm pretty cagey these days about who looks at my journal and who doesn't.

Even more surprising is the number of you with profiles entirely in Cyrillic. Now... I know a few fine Russians/others who use Cyrillic as their primary mode of alphabet... but not that many. Generally, if I can't understand your userinfo page, I'm not going to friend you unless I know you from somewhere- how do I know we have similar interests?

To be truthful, if we aren't on the whole 'mutual friends thing' and you haven't knocked at my proverbial FO front door, then... why do you have me friended anyway? For that raaaare stealthy moment I forget to lock a post? That's a tad creepy...

So.. it's routine clearing of the baffles time... Those on the mutual Flist who want to me, let me know... those who aren't on the mutual list, if you want to be on it, introduce yourself. If you don't, could you unfriend me, please?

Hilary Clinton, Feminist...

"Now obviously we've had challenges as everybody in the world knows," she reportedly said. "But I never doubted that it was a marriage worth investing in, even in the midst of those challenges, and I'm really happy that I made that decision."

Clinton said it was "not a decision for everybody. And I think it's so important for women to stand up for the right of women to make a decision that is best for them."

Worth investing in because you wanted to be president. That's not feminism, it's called opportunism. Learn you some English, you psychopathic bitch.